Monday, July 4, 2011

Nine-dimensional theory and the establishment of the time gates

The universe is composed of several dimensions of the meeting, some of which we know the right knowledge, and some only heard about, and some still do not know yet! Scientists have been able to detect these orthogonal dimensions, and study many of the characteristics and their effects, they went out to us the theory of the nine dimensions of these dimensions can be classified into three categories, as follows:...

- Location, time: fall into this category all the dimensions that Ntalv with it, and we use in our lives, namely, the dimensions of the place x, y and z, which represent orthogonal dimensions of length, width, and depth, respectively.
* The fourth dimension, time t, is the dimension of the partis perpendicularis the previous three dimensions, a unique feature, namely that he allowed to walk within it in one direction only; from the past to the future.
Characterized by the distance of time that it is not a straight line Kalabaad other, or, as imagined by many, it is a curve orbital spiral revolves around itself like the spring (spring), so that a base of the past, and represents the peak the future, and it shows this dimension from the top in a circular motion, called the Ocean of time.
It is characterized by the dimension that every time the start of the workshop, including the transfer of the previous episode to have what is known as echo time or the time dimension parallel, and therefore there is no limit to the number of dimensions of time the unique parallel, which can be found in the specified time period.

2 - Jump time: that we know the dimensions of the four known to most of us, let 'to other dimensions that are known only to few of us, starting with dimension V r, which represents the radius of the time, which can be imagined that the length of the column extending from the center point of the helix time , which intersects with a snail tracks in the time given point in time.
Let us imagine a circle of radius r circumference time of $ t = 1, so that she is representative of the flow of time standard, but imagine someone travels away from the center of snail time thereby increasing the radius, the time r so that the Pacific time t = 2, then it has doubled the amount of time walking in the ring one time, thus accelerating the time to double the natural rate, and this phenomenon is called acceleration time. Imagine a device capable of achieving this phenomenon, then this device is able to speed up the time in a certain area, which benefit large in experiments that need to be environment accelerated, as in the experiments of genetic engineering, for example, so that scientists must wait for the passage of time form the natural order see the product of their experiences, but cut the time required to achieve heavily.
But what about the snail to walk towards the center instead of away from him? This will, as you can to reduce the Ocean Tstntjoa time t, which leads necessarily to reduce the time path in the ring time, and we find ourselves faced with another phenomenon called the recession or slowdown time schedule. Thus, the devices can achieve a theory that can recession time, delay time in certain areas, but this enormous benefits in the areas of storage of organic tissue, or to keep the astronauts in a state of stagnation time on long space journeys.
So that we can understand the nature of the dimensions of the fourth and fifth, we can Chbihama drum phonograph, so that a Almsart in the cylinder the flow of time, and represents the radius from the center of the disc and up to the point required from the desired path fifth dimension r, and so represents a transition paths roller away from the center to increase in the length of the path cylinder (the phenomenon of acceleration time), The transition paths to the cylinder closer to the center of a shortage in the path length of the cylinder (the phenomenon of stagnation time).

3 - Travel through time: What about the sixth dimension? Well, we can express s as a sixth dimension of the vertical distance between the tracks of time, any rise in snail time, and uses this dimension in what is known to travel through time, or to travel between the points matched between parallel dimensions of time.
This dimension is limited, such as time t, it can proceed in one direction and normally, so that the gates open through the sixth dimension to the past only, and as the dimension perpendicular to s with dimension t, Ttfh gates at the same point in time multiple tracks.
That is, we can travel through the complications of full time paths to the past, if the path is the time t = 500 days, can then navigate through the gates of the sixth dimension in multiples of 500 days only.

4 - instantaneous transmission: the last three dimensions: u, v, and w, are the three dimensions of space procedure. If we consider the dimensions of the place x, y, and z in the form of a spiral, such as t, then we can consider the dimensions of inner space as the distance between the tracks spiral spatial following her like the dimension of the sixth, that's known to travel through the interior dimensions between two points in the natural space to move real-time procedure.
Influenced Tracks spatial strongly magnetic fields, for this to be the tracks of spatial Amadgoth near each other to a few meters only at the surface of the earth, while it has about millions of miles from each other in deep space far from any fields of gravity, and thus enable this phenomenon, the transition process real-time within a few meters at the surface of the earth, and moving real-time across several light years in deep space, without significant difference in energy expended in both cases, that is, instantaneous transmission via 100 track my place on the surface of the earth person transmits a distance of several kilometers, while the instantaneous transmission via 100 track where I am in deep space transmitted by an almost light-years, and in both cases the amount of energy expended the same.

The establishment of the gates of time:
Gates allow travel time between two time zones similar in the different timelines, and through the sixth dimension. To create a portal of time is stable, we must follow several procedures, the first to be the gate time in the geologically unstable, and be surrounded by a textured solid, thick and dense; As an example we can think of in a cave deep, with stone walls, so that the material is solid thick surrounding equipment Portal old time schedule, to be located in the same place on both sides of the gate time. In other words, that the material surrounding the gate time equipment located in both Elzimnin, present and past, to allow travel between them.
This is due to the independence of the time dimension for the spatial dimension, if we assume a place among the (Mars) and (Venus) in the specified date, and the passengers travel through time through the portal of time in this place so back ten years into the past, will move to this place exactly Ten years ago? Or will appear at a point between the spatial (Mars) and (Venus)? Or will appear in that part of the universe (which is where solar systems are moving constantly), exactly ten years ago? The set of all points in space relative among them, which is constantly changing over time, this can not build a gate time randomly anywhere in the empty space, but must be linked to protons and atoms of a particular, and this in turn has Juasa such as article, gravity, and where occupied. It is characterized by (a proton) that the properties do not change over time, this space is in the sub-atomic level, consistent and stable over long times (this is known in principle to the principle of continuity protonated).
What that is determined a stable environment and appropriate, can start to create a portal in time, by installing accelerator (Takeona) so that it can release the flow (Takeona) fixed lenses attract enormous intensity, and that funnel field (Altakjona) in the form of the surface of a single part material Broconah stable ((Altakionat) is a three-dimensional molecules occupy Dimensions II, IV and VI, which is still in the theoretical study into non-proven possible in practice, as a result of the unique properties of metaphase posteriori).

Lenses consist of industrial chemical attraction enormous density, resulting from the constant bombardment by gravitational flow from the accelerator tends to pull me Bzaah list of the accelerator (Altakjona), so intersect (Altakionat) and flows (Jerafiatonat) lenses in the center of attraction. ((Jerafiatonat) is a three-dimensional molecules occupy-dimensional V, VII, and IX, and shares many characteristics with (protons), but in the process of me differently, and this can (Jerafiatonat) contrary to penetrate solid materials (protons)).

Must maintain the lenses of attraction in a very low temperature is much closer than the degree of absolute zero, so that the movement of atoms at a minimum, which plays a key role in maintaining the flow of (Takeona) stable. And lenses are used primarily in the attraction to contribute to the refraction of flow (Altakjona) along the axis of the sixth dimension; determine the degree of refraction and the number of episodes of time that can extend the time portal to the past. This requires a return to the time far in the past to a greater degree of refraction of flow (Altakjona), which in turn means a greater density of attractive lenses attraction.

The intensity and frequency of flow (Altakjona) the diameter of the gate time, and this needs time portal opened up several meters in diameter to the millions of energy (Altakjonah) to keep them open compared to energy expended to keep the gate of time diameter of an atomic level is open.

When you open the gate, look in the form of the surface of a circular, and lead effects of dimensional and gravitational to create a kind of visual impact, similar to a spiral rainbow in the gate, while appear to divide the gate as if it withdraws to inside; and return this phenomenon visual effect of refraction dimension of the sixth flow (Altakjona ). After the gate is made up of time, are selected and the degree of Qatar sixth dimension, it can be for the traveler through time to enter the gap through the opposite side of the accelerator (Altakjona), in the sense that the accelerator (Altakjona) and the lenses become attraction behind the gate time. In the last line of the time, traveler out of the other party to the surface of the gate in time, so that the lenses of attraction in the future time line.

In fact, that travel through the gate of time is not easily overcome the entrance door normally, it must be a gap gate time at the surface of (Broconah) solid, and find the article (Broconah) stable in the two-dimensional surface thin enough to allow passage through it in nature, is a matter of the utmost difficulty; this is Abora time travelers to use deduction mechanism to go through the solid material that has been created within the gate time.

The effect of moving spatial in the portal of time lead to a thickness of approximately ten countries of the offspring, and thus can create a gap in the material in one of the parties to the gate time, and often is a party to the future, directly through the material at the other end of the gate time in the Party of the past, but the material surface ( protonated) (which was created by the gate time) adjacent to house the material is supported on both sides.

Use the time gates:
After it is processing equipment and the establishment of stable gate time, the traveler can then be used to pass the gate time dimension to the sixth episode of time in the past.
There are some limitations that must be observed in the gates of time through the dimension of the sixth, for example, there will be a point in time past were not where the material that was shot down the gate of time it existed, since the deepest caves of the earth to have originated in the time of the geological history of the Earth, and thus the practical limitations of any gate on the ground less than a billion years in the past, and to return to a past beyond this is to be established within the gate time more material progress and stable geology, such as (Moon), (Mars), or any of the moons of other planets in the solar system.

It also should be limited to travel through time to points in time preceding the establishment of the gate time, as the gate time may remain in the same place open for several years, and the travelers through time - from the future, this time - open the gate of time in the same place equipment, the gate that we intend to open , which will lead to a difficult case if they have to face themselves in times past!

For this, it is a good time to open the gate to the past in a private and secluded so that no one sees the arrival of time travelers, and thus keep the deviation of time to a minimum, and travelers have almost absolute control of themselves in this situation.

The gate in time alone would not be enough to explore the past, Valbwabh time deep in a cave, you may reach the traveler to free darkened area in the past, useless for any kind of temporal or historical research. For this, you can use a very useful tool to the equipment by the gate time, namely, the carrier's real-time procedure, which should be easy to carry and transport through the gate to the line of time past.

You have to put the carrier's real time on the platform extended to the gate of time, so that it can be extended across the gap open, and to become a carrier at the other end of the gate (past tense) to be able traveler that used to travel to any location he wants in the past, so we have We benefited from the transition time to return to the past, and move within the spatial movement of the past.

In addition to the carrier's real time, may require the traveler to the tools most appropriate to move from a moving real-time, as a coach or a small vehicle, used to navigate within the past, it is obvious that the increasing number of equipment that is taken with the traveler is equivalent to increasing the size of the gap of time, which in turn requires energy more to keep them open.

For long trips to the past, can reduce the time gap after a transit passenger to Qatar smaller, and the desire of the traveler to return, the broadcast signal (Takeonah) through the generator pulses (Takeona), are detected by equipment gate time on the other end of the time gap , increasing the gate diameter to allow the return of the traveler of his time. Of course, this method helps a lot in providing the energy needed to keep the gate open time Baktr small diameter instead of the Statute.

Remains the warning is important and essential in these gates is that closing the gate of time leads to the loss of contact between the two lines timetables forever, and all the open portal of time, even if it is to the same period of time, will establish a connection to the time line entirely new, if the traveler time in the side last time the gate closed, the traveler will remain locked into line in time forever.


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